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Winners and losers in the tablet market

On the eve of the iPad mini launch Keith Woolcock explains the real commercial significance of Apple's apparent about turn in launching a smaller iPad.

Watch Keith's previous appearance on Bloomberg TV analysing the significance and likely impact of Microsoft's new move into tablet computing with the launch of the Surface tablet.

Worth Catching: Keith on CNBC's Squawk Box on how the Internet has become a cult-based, vertically integrated economy.

5thcolumnideas was founded in 2010 by Keith Woolcock, one of the best known tech analysts in the UK. Keith began following technology in 1986 and has worked for Smith New Court, Merrill Lynch, Nomura International and Chase Manhattan.

Keith has covered all areas of technology and has built an enviable record of spotting the emergence of new trends earlier. He contributes to Time Magazine. He has also worked as a journalist for the Mail on Sunday and the Daily Telegraph, where he wrote the widely followed Flamebait column, which analyzed global business trends.

A sample of some of Keith╩╝s older articles can be seen at Seekingalpha.com where despite having written only 22 pieces he has amassed more than 37,000 followers.

In April 2009, Keith published one of the first pieces of research to focus on the rise of the mobile internet. Entitled: The Mobile Internet Tsunami, the note analysed a number of global firms that would benefit from the rise of the smart phone and the mobile internet. He has also written widely cited notes on the future of content, Google, Apple and Research in Motion. as well as research on food technologies, the smart grid, LEDs and demographics.

He now writes a weekly research note called The 5th Column and travels regularly to the USA and Asia.